Shift From TV to Digital Video by @ThinkwithGoogle

Have you ever thought where (if?) is the difference between TV and YT ads? Some time ago I wrote that we should sell lifestyle rather than product and showed some unskippable ads by mtn dew in 3 versions. So it’s high time to ask: Great YouTube ads are born from great creative ideas. But how does Read more about Shift From TV to Digital Video by @ThinkwithGoogle[…]

Amazon Two-Step Verification

I use 2 step verification in as many services as possible. I do believe that security is important. Ok, I can agree that it can be a little bit uncomfortable during everyday work life but how many important data do you have connected with your accounts? Photos – yes, mail, passwords, access – 3 x Read more about Amazon Two-Step Verification[…]

Let’s sell lifestyle not a product

Hi, have you seen Johnnie Walker ads? No – you have to do it. In ‘The Gentleman’s Wager‘ ads brand showed us how to sell lifestyle not necessary product. So far they created two productions with Jude Law. Absolutely amazing first part with yacht as an object of desire (more than 11mln views): And still Read more about Let’s sell lifestyle not a product[…]

Micro-moments are critical touch points

Immediate. Relevant. Frictionless. That’s the experience consumers expect when they turn to a device to find, do, or buy something. To win, marketers have to be there to meet them in these micro-moments. Start building your micro-moments strategy with this guide full of insights and success stories. Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere. Read more about Micro-moments are critical touch points[…]

Building a YouTube Content Strategy by @ThinkwithGoogle

Few days ago I found good article on @ThinkwithGoogle blog. That text will appeare incredibly helpful especially for those of you who are thinking how to create coherent strategy for Youtube channel. Full article can be found here and I do really recommend to read it. Among the most interesting content I found: prognosis about video Read more about Building a YouTube Content Strategy by @ThinkwithGoogle[…]