Shift From TV to Digital Video by @ThinkwithGoogle

Have you ever thought where (if?) is the difference between TV and YT ads? Some time ago I wrote that we should sell lifestyle rather than product and showed some unskippable ads by mtn dew in 3 versions. So it’s high time to ask: Great YouTube ads are born from great creative ideas. But how does Read more about Shift From TV to Digital Video by @ThinkwithGoogle[…]

Let’s sell lifestyle not a product

Hi, have you seen Johnnie Walker ads? No – you have to do it. In ‘The Gentleman’s Wager‘ ads brand showed us how to sell lifestyle not necessary product. So far they created two productions with Jude Law. Absolutely amazing first part with yacht as an object of desire (more than 11mln views): And still Read more about Let’s sell lifestyle not a product[…]

Building a YouTube Content Strategy by @ThinkwithGoogle

Few days ago I found good article on @ThinkwithGoogle blog. That text will appeare incredibly helpful especially for those of you who are thinking how to create coherent strategy for Youtube channel. Full article can be found here and I do really recommend to read it. Among the most interesting content I found: prognosis about video Read more about Building a YouTube Content Strategy by @ThinkwithGoogle[…]

Youtube subscribers in google analytics

UPDATE: since YT api is in version no. 3 (june 2015) the example below is not working properly (I will do my best to update that solution)   There are some questions from time to time  in my company about our YT channel. One of the most common question is: how many subscribers do we Read more about Youtube subscribers in google analytics[…]

How to connect youtube data with google analytics

Youtube has its own analytics dashboard however it’s google analytics’s younger brother and there are fewer opportunities to create reports and to analyze data. So, we have 2 google tools (youtube and google analytics) and one problem to be solved. The question is: how to push data from youtube into GA? The answer is very simple Read more about How to connect youtube data with google analytics[…]

Hootsuite fanpage facebook twitter

Czasami tak bywa, że masz na głowie trochę więcej profili FB niż swój własny imienny. Pół biedy gdy mówimy o profilu własnego bloga + ewentualnie jednym firmowym. Zdarza się jednak tak, że jest ich… no po prostu więcej. Jak uporać się z prowadzeniem, dla równego rachunku, 30 fanpagy? “Ręczne” pisanie byłoby pewnie szlachetne i przepełnione Read more about Hootsuite fanpage facebook twitter[…]