Have you ever thought where (if?) is the difference between TV and YT ads? Some time ago I wrote that we should sell lifestyle rather than product and showed some unskippable ads by mtn dew in 3 versions.

So it’s high time to ask:

Great YouTube ads are born from great creative ideas. But how does the shift to digital video change the creative process?


I agree that we should remember about 4 important areas:

  1. Redefine what it means for a video to go viral
  2. Treat “user experience” as a mind-set, not a department
  3. Engage fans in a two-way dialogue
  4. Evolve your digital storytelling from a strict story to a never-ending story

ad1. ==> Redefine what it means for a video to go viral

It is said that “success on YouTube is a lot like success in the music industry: It’s not about one-hit wonders. It’s about finding a sustainable audience that jumps at every new song you release…” 

Clean&Clear case

ad2. ==> Treat “user experience” as a mind-set, not a department

Ones again we have to remember about our users. They’ll see our video on their mobile devices and smaller desktop displays than our 27″ iMac has. And I mean they “will”, only when we, creatives, make our job well. Moreover, it’s very important to bulid watchtime for our channels so why don’t we make easier to navigate to our next video?

Remember about:

  • thumbnails – readable, consistent with your channel


  • playlists – it’s great solution to build watchtime for your channel

Like it or not, the ad industry’s traditional approach to a story arc—beginning, middle, and end in a 30-second spot—is a thing of the past.


Do you have any other ideas to make your user’s life easier? Why don’t you comment?

ad3. ==> Engage fans in a two-way dialogue

One of the biggest advantages of YT is a possibility of communication with our audience. Don’t miss this opportunity! Listen to your audience and allow them to create your next idea. Read comments, answer and make wishes come true. Try to react.

Under Armour with Gisele Bündchen case

AWE me channel – listen and make it happened

ad4. ==> Evolve your digital storytelling from a strict story to a never-ending story

Be prepared to evolve an idea and create the next chapter based on your audience’s reaction


Ones again: listen and react.

Let the story goes with its natural life. Haney Maid’s video with gay couple got many negative reactions.

Company decided not to run away from video main idea but they wrote next chapter of that story. Company decided to transform comments full of hate into a message of love. Result was pretty nice – Cannes Gold Lion.

So, have you decided what should be changed in your YT channel? Feel free to discuss. 

Post is based on Think With Google
YouTube Ads: What the Shift From TV to Digital Video Means for Creatives

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