Learn About Google Tag Assistant Recordings

In this video Google will introduce some of the new features in Google Tag Assistant, including Google Tag Assistant Recordings. Learn how to enable/disable the extension from validating your tabs, mark favorite domains to always be validated, and record a user flow through your website to make sure your Google Analytics is implemented correctly. If you […]

Custom columns with math functions in Google AdWords

Yesterday I tried to remember the names of mathematical operations, and couple minutes later, I found info that there is possibility to use math in custom columns in Google AdWords. It can  be quite useful solution for fast reporting. What do you think about it? Have you already created your custom math columns? Math operations in […]

Getguesstimate – Spreadsheet for Things That Aren’t Certain

Today I found getguesstimate – absolutely amazing spreadcheet which will helps you to have broader understanding of data. Guesstimate, a spreadsheet that’s as easy to use as existing spreadsheets, but works for uncertain values. For any cell you can enter confidence intervals (lower and upper bounds) that can represent full probability distributions. medium.com/guesstimate-blog Spreadsheet for Things […]