Have you ever been thinking how to check which website is using Google Ads?

From time to time I recived question do I want to buy some ad space in package (many websites at one fixed price). Of course you can visit all of them and check manualy if there is a possibility to use AdWords system instead of buying package usually at a higher price.

So the question is: how to check it? Answer is simple: use Display Planner

Step by step

  • login to your AdWords account
  • choose Tools > Display Planner
Tools > Display Planner
Tools > Display Planner
  • choose “Show only estimates for my targeting criteria” tab
  • provide a list of pages you are interested in (or upload a CSV file)
  • click “Get estimates
Get estimated
Get estimates
  • after few soconds you know everything (estimations):
    • ad formats
    • historical CPC
    • impressions number
    • cookie number

PS. THX Bogusia 🙂

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