How to connect youtube data with google analytics

Youtube has its own analytics dashboard however it’s google analytics’s younger brother and there are fewer opportunities to create reports and to analyze data.

So, we have 2 google tools (youtube and google analytics) and one problem to be solved.

The question is: how to push data from youtube into GA?

The answer is very simple but before we do it, there is another important question: do we want to collect data from youtube in the same property of our GA account or we want to create new one? My answer was: I want new place where youtube data will be stored – it’s a way to avoid mistakes in analysis.

STEP 1: How to create new property in google analytics?

  1. log in to your google analytics account
  2. go to admin section
  3. choose account
  4. in property section click “Create new property
  5. fill in the fields
  6. click “Get Tracking ID” to save
  7. copy tracking ID (UA-xxxxxxxx-x)
New property in GA
New property in GA

STEP 2: How to add tracking ID to youtube account?

  1. log in to your youtube account
  2. go to advance setting section
  3. in “Google Analytics property tracking ID” field just paste your new tracking ID
  4. save
Paste tracking ID in advance settings section
Paste tracking ID in advance settings section

More or less after 24 hours your youtube data will appear in GA account.

10 Replies to “How to connect youtube data with google analytics”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the help on how to link a YouTube account to Google Analytics. I have one question though… What are the mistakes which you speak about when not creating an additional property in Google Analytics to track YouTube data?


    1. @mike
      the problem (without new property) is quite simple – you will have 2 kind of data together in one view: data from (for example) your website and YT channel

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  2. Hi,

    What needs to be entered in the ‘Redirect URL’ field and what exactly does this mean?

    Thanks for your help!

      1. Penelope, Penelope, Penelope…no one else I know has ever described the area where we live with such “insight.” I laughed till I cried. To “H”, please don’t take life so seriously, you are going to have a stroke!! This is a blog with Penelope’s outlook on life not the Ten Commandments. Laugh once in a wh7&&e#8230;itl#821i;ll do you good.

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