Few days ago I found good article on @ThinkwithGoogle blog. That text will appeare incredibly helpful especially for those of you who are thinking how to create coherent strategy for Youtube channel.

Full article can be found here and I do really recommend to read it. Among the most interesting content I found:

prognosis about video traffic

… by 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video, and with mobile watch time on YouTube already surpassing desktop in 2015

when you are aware of that you should answer these questions:

“What’s truly unique and different about our brand?”

“What’s truly ownable for our brand?”

“What right does our brand have to play (and win) in this content space versus our competition?”

Remember about micro-moments

  • I-want-to-go,
  • I-want-to-do,
  • I-want-to-buy,
  • I-want-to-know

Then you are ready to create Venn diagram for your video content strategy:

Venn diagram

“CCC” content framework

Create, Collaborate, Curate


It feels like the brand, captures the brand’s tone, and offers a more traditional creative polish. It tells a story about the brand that’s entertaining, educational, or inspiring.

“Create” content might simply be entertaining video that gets people’s attention, or it might deliver on the specific micro-moments we talked about earlier, such as how-to content in an I-want-to-do moment.

Rather than using video exclusively as a storytelling mechanism, think of it as a tool for storymaking, in which consumers get to take part.


This content is the product of the brand’s collaboration with digital influencers (…) the goal of “Collaborate” content is to help brands broaden their relevance and connect with a uniquely engaged fan base while leveraging the expertise of experienced creators.


The third and final content type is crafted by consumers and is the product of an audience call-to-action (…) think of it as a tool for storymaking, in which consumers get to take part.

Last but not least

Don’t waste time overcomplicating it: Video is what consumers want on mobile

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